What is there behind the good food we have every day?

Creativity, commitment, care for details, and attention to safety and nutritional values: these are also important ingredients of the promotion of local typical products, outstanding expertise that requires recurring injections of innovation.

This is exactly what the Platform does: in its laboratories the quality of raw materials is monitored; new processes are discovered; more suitable products are developed, for instance, to meet the needs of increasing food intolerance.

Packaging is also a very important aspect, above all because it concerns food preservation: research finds new ways and new materials.

All this gives more value, safety and quality not only to the food we have at home, but to all the products that need cutting-edge commitment and care to keep up with expectations.

Health is our most precious asset, and in this respect research cannot do everything but it can bring great change.

The advantages technology can bring are important: more advanced instruments perform more  accurate diagnoses, and more precise, less risky treatments.

Continuing experimentation plays a pivotal role in healthcare: in the Life Science laboratories of the network research deals with regenerative medicine, the field that holds the promise of regenerating damaged tissues and organs; with translational medicine, which aims to rapidly transfer findings in basic research into clinical practice; finally, with new medications and tailor-made treatments, based on the specific needs of patients.

The Life Science platform offers a virtuous network of laboratories and enterprises that can spread concrete solutions to enhance the quality of our daily life.

The first word that comes to mind when thinking of ceramic is undoubtedly tiles, but we should not forget that this material is also a fundamental component of dentists’ work.

This is just an example to show that research applied to materials and the study of their behaviour are wide and interesting subjects.

And wherever automation has taken the place of manual skills, the development of new machines ranges from designing to prototyping, to product operation testing.

The Mechanics and Materials platform deals with a variety of industries, from the most traditional to the most innovative; it takes care of raw materials and, moreover, tries to optimise the way they are processed to obtain final products that increasingly meet the demand  of customers.

And research goes on…

What are information and communication technologies?

They are so present in our daily life that we hardly know they are there. For example: multimedia services for citizens that allow us to interact with public administration from our pc or public automatic machines; air quality monitoring boxes; hospital  appointments by phone, or the automatic payment of parking tickets, bills, phone top-ups, etc.

These are the fields of research of the ICT and Design Platform laboratories: technologies fostering the treatment and exchange of information between different systems, also on an industrial level.

Automation and the smart management of data, processes and products are technological resources that can give their contribution to improve enterprise organisation and produce results able to improve the quality of life.

This is the reason why this platform encourages the cooperation among all the platforms so as to foster continuous exchange and sharing of innovation.

Green has become a synonym of future. It is the password of all Energy and Environment platform laboratories and  research centres.

This field is of fundamental, strategic importance for all the enterprises that want to stay competitive.

The platform laboratories deal with the environment quality by monitoring the management of natural resources – water, air, soil – and studying  the way to recycle waste materials and energy as much as possible, without neglecting the development of renewable energy sources.

It is a challenge that involves all the subjects committed to green economy and a powerful drive in an area that affects everybody’s wellbeing.

Among the researchers working for the Construction platform there are both engineers with patience for precision and accuracy, and also designers with an eye for beauty and harmony.

Thanks to these professionals, research is developing towards museum and exhibition design, without neglecting the restoration and maintenance of the artistic, historical heritage.

The presence, on our territory, of buildings of great cultural value is an indisputable advantage and, for this reason, their preservation and promotion require continuing research.

This is also true for residential areas: preservation, renovation and safety maintenance are necessary actions to prevent the consequences of extreme weather conditions and natural events, such as earthquakes.

In this direction, research investigates new materials and building techniques, fostering greater respect for the environment and the health of operators and citizens. In other words: energy saving, high performance, sustainability.